As a means of inspecting an existing installation in order to identify danger, damage and defects in an existing installation.

To specify the necessary remedial measures that must be taken to ensure an acceptable level of protection against electric shock and burns and against fire or excessive heat that could be caused by a defect in the installation.

Thermal Inspection

Surveys of electrical systems can expose faults such as poor connections, overloaded circuits and imbalanced load. Alternating current often loosens connections which in turn causes breakdowns. In today’s industry, downtime is expensive, in terms of … Continue reading

Portable Appliance Testing

  Portable Appliance Testing is a series of tests to ensure the safety of all who use these appliances. It is a series of in-service tests that repeat the manufacturers’ safety tests. These tests are … Continue reading

Periodic Testing

This is a means of inspecting and testing an existing installation in order to determine any damage or defects within that installation. Periodic Testing would also specify the necessary remedial measures to ensure an acceptable … Continue reading

Energy Efficiency

  Electric energy efficiency is a reduction in electric energy use, the use of the minimum amount of electricity necessary to accomplish a task, or the shifting of electric use away from periods of high … Continue reading

Emergency Lighting

Geoghegan Electrical can carry out an emergency lighting test in accordance with IS : 3217 – 2013. A detailed report would be issued and any remedial work required can be carried out by ourselves. This … Continue reading